How Fashion Bloggers Earn Money

Does wearing clothes and taking pictures actually make you money. It’s a question all fashion bloggers have been asked and the answer is YES! Ask Tim Sykes, who was reported as making an estimated $1 million per month. Fashion blogging is a lucrative business and today I’m sharing with you some of the many ways fashion bloggers make money and how you can start making money today.

Here are the ways fashion bloggers generate income online. 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ad revenue
  • Brand deals
  • Sponsored post
  • YouTube

What Do Fashion Bloggers Do

Fashion bloggers are digital marketers. They help promote products and services to the general public through relationships within their network. Brands collaborate with fashion bloggers in order to connect with their audiences, generate sales, and increase their online and social media presence. 

How Do Fashion Bloggers Earn A Income

Fashion bloggers earn through sponsored posts, brand collaborations, affiliate sales, and ad revenue. Primary, fashion bloggers are creating passive income from affiliate sales and ad revenue. 

  1. Sponsored post and collaborations: When a brand wants curated content for a campaign and pays you to create content on your blog or social media. Using for a particular item or collection. Fashion items are gifted to use for the post and the blogger then styles them and shares the content to their audience to generate sales for the brand. 
  2. Affiliate Sales: Earned passive income from the sale of any item shared with a link given ir created by the blogger. Anyone who uses the link to purchase items generates a small commission for the blogger. Typically ranging from 3-15%. However, some commission rates can be upwards of 50%. This usually is for a service-based product. 
  3. Ad Revenue: Fashion bloggers generally have there on websites where they share daily fashion finds, tips, and outfit inspirations. Those websites often times have ads placed on them. When those ads are clicked on it generates sales for the blogger. Each ad has a “rate price” that is set by the ad company. Based on the number of clicks it receives. It’s usually pennies on the dollar but can increase depending on the ad. The more traffic a site generates the more ad revenue the site earns. 
  4. Youtube: This was my first revenue stream. As a Youtuber, you are creating video content that brands can share and you can monetize. You can reach a bigger audience and still provide those affiliate links to generate more sales. Now you have your links on your blog, Instagram, Pinterest(YOU NEED PINTEREST), and now Youtube. Even if you don’t have a large following. You can start creating passive income today. 
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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply you sharing the items you love and wear on your website and social media and generating a commission. One can earn a commission each time someone uses your unique link or promotional code to make a purchase. You can be an affiliate with almost every brand these days. You can work with a brand directly or you can signup to use an affiliate marketing agency and create product links for thousands of brands. SEE MORE BELOW. 

I’m not a huge fan of promotional codes as I oftentimes forget them and your audience may have a hard time remembering to use them at checkout when purchasing. Also, each brand / website will offer you a diiferent code. This is were organization really comes in handy. Linking to the product can be a great way to earn sales. Sharing a discount code has been known to generate the highest amount of sales but they can expire after a period of time and then your passive income stops. 

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites For Fashion Bloggers

When first starting a fashion-based blog you want to start to generate income as fast as possible. However, typically you need to meet certain requirements to qualify for most affiliate programs. Also, you need to be able to drive traffic to your blog in order to get those sales. One of the fastest ways I have been able to make money using affiliate marketing has been Magic Links. MagicLinks has relationships with more than 3,500 retailers and a product catalog of more than 500M products from which to share and earn as your fans shop. It’s free to sign up and I you can get started asap.

You can create product links for items you use, wear, and love and recommend them to your audience. Once someone purchases using the link you’ve provided you earn a commission. Commission rates vary from brand to brand. This is by far the fastest way I’ve been able to start earning an income from my blog and social media. 

Now that Instagram has offered the swipe-up feature for InstaStories you can link products everywhere. You can link them on your site, in the bio, a static post, and now stories. The more links you create the more passive income you can start to make. 

Once you start to grow your following you can apply to other affiliate marketing platforms such as:

Ad Revenue

Fashion bloggers also earn income through ad revenue. This is when ads are placed on their sites and any time the ad is clicked on the blogger receives a commission. Similar to the ads placed on YouTube videos. Depending on the amount of traffic the site received you can apply to ad agencies to start generating passive income. More information on how to generate income on YouTube HERE. Below I shared some popluar ad adgencies.

Some of the most popular are, Adsense, Ezoic (My favorite), Mediavine, and AdThrive. 


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