If I Knew Then

Birthday week continued here in the event you haven’t noticed by my social media, I make my birthday a week-long celebration. So, it occurred to me while driving home that I really never thought about what I would tell my younger self. The concept isn’t anything profound I just always thought if there was something for me to know it would be revealed. I’m really simplistic in my thinking at times. Nevertheless, as I thought about the one thing I would tell my younger self the only thing I could honestly say that may have made the biggest impact on my life is to not worry why I never seemed to fit in. Now this may come as a shock to many as I was very popular in school and my early twenties.  I sang, ran track, was a varsity cheerleader and was just as silly as I am now. Did I mention I love to dance so the club scene was my favorite location? Although I never had any issues I never really felt I was living to my true potential because no one who was in my inner circle was there to challenge me. I natural excelled so that was good enough for many, but never for me. On the outside I always had plenty of friends, was happy, but I never felt I was living in my purpose.

I didn’t challenge myself and so I never felt the spaces I was in was the right fit for me. They didn’t fit and I settled in order to belong. I could never understand why I choose to do the bare minimum thus this allowed me to still be deemed smart, and popular. That just goes to show you that what others think about you is not a true reflection of who you are and what you can become. The takeaway from this is to never settle, in all areas of your life aim to excel. My motto is, be more than a pretty face. The scripture that I hold dear is Proverbs 31:30. In simple terms it reads, “Charm is deceiving, and beauty fades; but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. The things we hold dear like looks, body types, and titles, they all fade away. What you have left, underneath the layers of foundation and hair extensions is what matters most. That is my number one focus now. Making sure I am the best Chimere I can be and helping others do the same.

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