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HomeFront 5K Run

This year is about taking it to the Next Level and for the past 2 months that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. If you haven’t noticed by now we are half way through 2019 and that has definitely added some fuel to my fire. I’ve been working hard to cross off somethings I have on my life goals list. I’m also noticing I’m adding things just as fast as I’m crossing things off. Typical me I suppose. I wanted to share some of the wonderful things I’ve been able to do in these past few weeks. This past weekend I entered my second pageant and WON, I ran a 5k for charity, and did some appearances around my city. To say I need a long vacation is an understatement. It has been an amazing journey thus far and I can’t wait to continue to crush some more goals. The hardest part about this season in my life is time management. There’s always an event or appearance I’m invited too but I have religious and family obligations as well. So, my new favorite word will have to be no. I know this may be a hard concept for most but I have learned to embrace the word. It simply means that I can’t stretch myself to thin and that I’m making ME and my family a priority. As I always have to remind myself, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Additionally, my YouTube channel and subscribers are felling neglected so I need to get back on track asap.

New Jersey State Museum
Trenton Public Library 113th Birthday Celebration

As I mentioned, last weekend I participated in my second pageant and WON! I am so excited, and this pageant was for a wonderful mentorship program called the NEXT LEVEL. This was the 10th year anniversary pageant and I am honored to be representing such a wonder organization as the 2019 Mrs. Next Level. As my goal is to represent my state as Mrs. New Jersey, the NL program gives you the fundamentals to progress in my pageantry journey to get there. My director, Mrs. Evelyn was and is still a current Mrs. New Jersey so I am blessed to be able to learn from the best. I love to create my own pathways in life, but sometimes to have to walk along the paths created for you by others. I hope as a mentor is to light up those same pathway for young woman who look at me the same way I’m currently looking to her and many others. The mentor becomes the men-tee and I’m taking in everything she says. My drive has kicked in full gear and my eye is on the prize, literally. Some of the key components we learn can be applied to many aspects of our daily lives.  I personally have learned poise, confidence in my public speaking, my official pageant walk, and the four stages of a pageant smile. Yes, there are four and if you’ve followed me long enough you know I always jump to the fourth one, all teeth and small eyes lol. I smile so hard and it makes me giggle thinking about it. As I have been so behind on my blog post I’m going to make this one a gumbo of pictures from my recent events as well as my pageant. As always, I post to my social media quite often so you can always be updated there as well. Until next time, keep smiling.  

It’s Just WATER , but I look cute lol.

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