Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, and Sprirt.

In a effort to totally overhaul my and eliminate every thing negative in my life I have decided to do some Spring Cleaning. Now when most people think of spring cleaning you imagine, packing away winter clothes, cleaning windows, and many other things. I do plan on getting started with some of that stuff to but I’m taking about ME. Spring cleaning this year will be very different. I’m cleaning up myself this year. Now I know everyone may have somethings about themselves that they may want to change or work on but for me its time to make those adjustments NOW. I’m ready to refocus on my goals, clear my mind of meaningless clutter and detox my body. Now all of the things I mentioned are important to me but I want to start with clearing my mind. Sometimes as women (or men) we tend to over analyze and ponder on things that have no meaning. These things often times seem to get us of track and consume precious space in our minds which leads to unwanted stress, exhaustion and worry. As a wife, mother, and full time student I often experience this and its time to declutter. I know I have to get myself back into mental and physical shape.

So the question now is HOW? The key for me to get my mind in perfect peace is prayer. For me this is critical for a healthy mind and spirit. When you start your day off with prayer you will notice such a change in your mood, and energy. You have a pep in your step. Its effective for me because I am able to totally clear my mind of the junk and releases stress.

To get my body in shape is not just about working out and eating right. Yes these things are critical for looking good, however in order for your body to do what it needs to do it has to go through a cleansing. No I’m not talking about a bath lol, I’m talking about a detox or purification. So this week I will be doing a detox. It will consist of fruits and vegetables and NO sugars, additives, or unnatural ingredients. I will also be drinking at least 3-4 liters of water a day. This will help eliminate the toxins in my body. Detoxing has some great results as you will notice your skin will clear up and will have a sun kissed glow. Your hair will be shiner and have a lots of luster. Your body will see the most dramatic results as you will see you have a lot more energy and wont feel that 2 o’ clock energy crash. The most dramatic change you may experience is some weight loss. This is always a good thing 🙂 Also  your body wont crave sweets as much and there wont be any need for soda. Water as you may or may not know it a beauty must have.

So as I start my Spring cleaning I hope you dolls, follow suit as this year for me will be different. I plan on this being my best year yet and in order for me to achieve my goals, I must have everything in order. Mind, Body, and Spirit. Now that’s GLAM! As always ladies…

Keep it Glam


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