Summer Florals

Hi GLAMDolls who loves flowers? I know I do and love receiving them as well. Wearing them sometimes can be a little tricky. To much floral print and you start to look like the old couch your grandmother had with the plastic cover. To little print and you look like a school girl. But with everything it’s all about balance. Your style should always balance you out. Today’s outfit of the day was a balance of florals and flirty textures. I love the movement in the skirt. It’s so soft and airy. I also wanted to add some small touches of red to the look so I decided to add my new Jeffrey Campbell shoes. By the way they are soooo comfortable. For the life of me I could not seem to find my red belt. I cleaned out my closet and it just disappeared. We know how that goes, so I had to improvise. Sunday my daughter went into my jewelry box and grabbed my old beaded necklace of he hook. Well after I told her to stop she yanked the necklace until it came off breaking it in the process. This is how I got my touch of red in the waist. It’s an OLD NECKLACE!  I just wrapped it around my existing belt and there you have it. Who said fashion isn’t fun lol!

GLAM Alert: Today is your last day to cast  your vote for me in the HM Fifty States of Fashion Contest. I need everyone’s vote today, click the link then click on my photo to vote! Vote HERE

                                                 Here’s my GLAM Fit
                                                  Dress: Fun n Flirt
                                                  Belt: A old Necklace
                                                  Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 
                                                  Ring: Aldo 
                                                  Glasses: New York n Company

               Here is my necklace! 




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