The Birthday Girl

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My birthday has officially passed and I have been trying to think of what to say as I reflect on my year around the sun.  As much as I like to talk I couldn’t find the words to sum up my emotions over the previous year. The first thing that comes to mind is gratefulness. I am just thankful to God for his grace over my life, and how he truly continues to show himself to me. There is something to be said about a driven woman but a woman who allows God to take control is truly powerful. If you know me personally, control freak is an adjective often used to describe my personality. I like to see my vision to come to life and I’m aware God gave it to ME for that very reason. So, it’s hard for me to give up control at times. This year has been filled with prayer and sitting in the driver seat as good spoke the directions to me like Siri. If you would have asked me if I would be doing pageantry last year I would have laughed in your face. Better yet, read my blog post from last year. My mind was focused on so many other things, but like I said. When God is in the driver seat you can go further than you could driving alone.

If you knew my story and all that I’ve overcome you would understand why I where my Trenton sash proudly. Of all the people in my city I was called to shine a light. The bible says many are called FEW are chosen. Trust me when I say this was not my doing and nowhere near the road I thought I would take but this is the journey I’m on. Me of all people, right? But let tell you something. This woman is an OVERCOMER. The one that was over looked and counted out. The woman who faced failure, poverty, and every static that said I would never make it out. I am the definition of a true queen, PERIOD. So, as I proudly wear my Next Level crown as I advocate for reaching new heights. Becoming better than you were before and being unapologetic in who you are. I am in no way perfect, I will continue to learn and grow and that’s why I affirm my queenship. The crown I wear is often invisible although I have a very pretty one now. I walk with my head held high knowing I speak for woman who may not have a voice. And as I continue to grow I pledge to take the young woman of #GirlYes with me. Today I celebrate the victories, big and small. Today I dedicate myself to serve. Today, I am filled with gratitude. This is year 35, let’s start things off with a bang.

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Let’s celebrate!

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