Top Five Daily Habits For A Better You

Recently thought about a saying that people use all the time. “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs”. When I thought about this, it made me reflect upon one of my recent appearances really made me understand this quote. It deals with an office building that I recently visited. Well maybe not an office building it was more like a rooftop lounge but a building none the less. This building was decorated very beautifully and from the outside looking in you would think it would be very elaborate and ornately decorated inside as well. I came to find out quickly that this was not the case. Once inside I realized that the building was unkept, dusty, and almost run down. I was shocked at the amount of damage done to the interior of this building and even more shocked that they were holding events at this location. The attendant at the front desk told us we would have to take the stairs because the elevators weren’t working. At this point I honestly was not surprised. A bit irritated as I had on high heels and the thought of climbing steps was not appealing. With the interior of the building looking the way that it did, I not expect anything to be working so I was very skeptical of how this event would turn out. Since we aren’t quitters, me and my blogging sisters took the stairs and when I tell you I was tired and exhausted by the time we reached our final destination. I felt like I had run a marathon and I wanted to go back downstairs many times but we decided to see this through.

Once we reached the top floor I was in shock as I was greeted by the most beautiful rooftop lounge I’ve seen in a very long time. I could not believe how stunning this area was. It was the polar opposite the conditions on the inside. I asked the manager later on in the evening why was the building so run down, and his response stunned me. He said, “We focused all of our efforts on the outside because that’s what people can see”. He later went on to say that they were making more improvements on the inside verses the outside however he was aware that the outside appearance is what attracted people to the location. This got me to thinking is this how we operate in the natural? Do we focus on our outer appearance because that’s what people can see in neglect our inner self because we can hide it from view? I am a firm believer that what’s in you will come out. No matter how much you try and mask your imperfections, they have a way of peeking through. Pressure exposures cracks in the foundation as well as create diamonds. So instead of trying to patch up the cracks lets work on building a new foundation. Don’t you think you should present the best version you as possible. Just think, Chimere Nicole 2.0.  It takes more time and effort to cover up a blemish then it does to heal it. I’m also looking at myself objectively with trying to see things I mask from others as well as myself. Today I want to share with you what I do to present thr best version of myself each day.

 Top Five Daily Habits

  1. Be honest with yourself, DAILY. You know when you’re not feeling your best. So instead of trying to mask your emotions, face them head on and try to come to a resolution. It may be as easy of a fix as a cup of coffee or reading your favorite book for a few minutes.
  2. Write and recite a daily affirmation for yourself. If you are dealing with issues of self-esteem or lack thereof. Write something that makes you feel good about yourself and repeat it daily. Example: My smile is one of my favorite features. I have so many other great things about myself I want to fall in love with.
  3. Spread the love. There have been countless times I felt a hot mess but I decided to make someone feel good about themselves. I do this by giving out complements to complete strangers. You never know how far a kind word or gesture can travel. Be kind.
  4. Exercise: The benefits are endless. It boosts my mood and helps to get my body geared up for the day. I may whine the entire way to the gym but once I’m there its on.
  5. Write: I have a little habit of collecting pretty notebooks and pens. I have them everywhere and I utilize them to write out my thoughts, and emotions. It’s a way to positively vent and helps me process my feelings.  

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