Aloe Vera DIY Hair Detangler

DIY how to make aloe hair mask detangler conditioner

Aloe Vera is a wonderful all natural product to use on the hair. It’s healing properties are great for the scalp as well has hydrating for the hair shaft. Over the years I have incorporated aloe vera into my beauty routine and have seen great improvement in the condition and shine of my hair. Today I am sharing with you how I made my DIY detangler for my daughters hair. She have naturally curly hair that is prone to tangles and she has a sensitive scalp. So I customize her hair products to make sure not only is her hair healthy but her scalp as well. You will see how I utilize the entire aloe plant on her hair.

Items mentioned/used in video:

Aloe Vera Leaf

Growth Oil:

Oil included are: blackseed, grapeseed, abyssinia, thyme, and more…


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