Glam4Glam Baby: Ariel’s First Birthday

I have been extremely busy planning my daughters first birthday party. With every thing that I do I its big and over the top. With this being her first birthday and so very special to me and my husband I had to devote all of my time and energy to every little detail. Her theme was Ariel’s Candy Land and me and my husband dressed up like the candy land characters to give the full effect. I hand made decorations and party favors as well as food and candy buffet. Yes my daughter had a candy buffet, and with only a couple of teeth she wasn’t able to eat any of it. I spend any free time I had try to make sure this would be a birthday to remember. I have to say me we had a great time and my daughter was enjoying her self as well. I pulled out a special surprise at the end of the party that no one knew was coming and lets just say the kids went nuts!  I don’t want to write a thesis paper so I’ll just post pictures and I think you will get the point. Enjoy Dolls…

                                                                            Welcome to the Party!



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