Products To Rid Skin Of Acne Scars

Skin care has been the theme here on the blog lately as I have been sharing some of my top-secret products for healthy radiant skin. Most of you have been quite surprised that I’ve been suffering from acne for well over 20 years. It has been a long road for me to have finally gotten to this point and I am forever grateful for the journey. You may see my skin now and think I was blessed with perfect skin. If only! The number of tears I’ve cried over the years makes post like these so worth it. Acne is one issue, the scars it leaves behind are another battle altogether. It’s now my duty to help other people who are suffering in silence like I was all those years. This was what we will be tackling today. How to rid your skin of enlarged pores and dark marks. My last post I shared with you my DIY Facial Mask and it a game changer. Now that you now know how to make my DIY mask you need to know to maintain your skin daily and the products I use to do so.

Just a little back story, after high school I enrolled in a medical assistant program. I thought that cosmetology was too easy for me since it came so naturally. Clearly, that didn’t last long however I did work as a medical assistant for an entire year. My first and only job was in a dermatologist office. It was the perfect fit for me as I had terrible acne and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get some help. Not to mention the sample closet was my new favorite place on earth. Although my time as a medical assistant didn’t last long I learned a lot of valuable information about skincare and it has added me clearing my skin. Today I wanted to share some of my recent favorite skin care products that have helps me shrink my pores and clear up my hyperpigmentation. Check out my recent YouTube video showcasing all my current skincare favorites.

Items mentioned/used in video:

1. Water lol

2. Neutrogena sunscreen

3. CerVe sunscreen:

4. Beauty Water Toner:

5. Pixi Toner Rose:

6. Pixi Toner Vitamin C:

7. Derma E Vitamin C Serum:

8. Jade Face Roller:

9. Facial Steamer:



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