Sweet Treats

I have a little secret, I am not the biggest fan of ice cream. I know, I know seems strange right? My daughters love ice cream but me, I can take it or leave it. I am however a huge fan of popsicles. I will eat an entire box if you let me. At one point I was eating three freeze pops a night. I am so not ashamed lol, they were amazing. One thing I have come to love is how great ice cream can be on a hot summer day. It melts fast but its a wonderful treat and a perfect outing for me and my family. 

I picked up this lightweight maxi dress and fell in love. The color is perfect for the summer and its very breathable. As much as I tell myself I want more of a neutral wardrobe I always find myself gravitating to warm tones. It’s something about an off the shoulder dress that makes me feel so relaxed and cozy. Perfect for a day of errands or even a stop at the local ice cream shop. I have been doing quite a bit of bargain hunting and just like this dress, its a steal. 

Dress: Here, Shoes: Here


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