I created Chimere Nicole, formally Glam4Glam in 2012 as a creative outlet to share my personal style and beauty tips. At the time I really didn’t think anyone would want to read about little ole me and what I thought in regards to beauty and fashion. A hairstylist by trade, I have a passion for helping woman develop their own sense of style. Whether it’s changing your hair color or revamping an old outfit its all about discovering and developing your own personal style from hair to toe.

 Back in 2012 while on maternity leave, I had a client reach out to me asking how she should style her hair and what she should wear on a date she was going on that night. As I shared with her my style options the notion hit me I should share my personal style with the rest of the world. Since then Chimere Nicole has become a place where beauty, fashion, and lifestyle collide. I hope to inspire you the reader to rediscover your own sense of style and love the skin your in. Continue reading to learn a little more about me.

Chimere Nicole Haskins is the CEO of Chimere Nicole Salon LLC, a wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters (Ariel and Leah), a Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, writer, social media influencer and a great all-round personality. After years of building a following and strong social media influence, Chimere decided to foster that same influence within her community by creating the organization “Girl Yes.”

“Girl Yes” was created to teach women to be Bold, Ambitious, and Beautiful by focusing on changing their mindset. The goal is to help women with everything from beauty to branding, business to the boardroom, “Girl Yes” covers it all. She recently wrote and released her first book, “Girl Yes,” after creating the mentorship program in 2018.

Chimere harnesses her ability to make a difference in her mentees’ lives by challenging the status quo, prompting innovative ways to better their lives. She is renowned for her strategic thinking, excellent analytical skills, work ethics, and unwavering commitment towards helping her mentees. Everybody who has crossed paths with Chimere will testify of her resourcefulness, open-mindedness, mental flexibility, and that she’s quite a good listener.

Additionally, Chimere is the current Mrs. New Jersey America 2020. Prior to winning, she held the local title of Mrs. Trenton where she was a community advocate for various organizations within the city.

Chimere was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. According to her, “serving and representing the city was an honor. As Mrs. New Jersey, her objective is to advocate for the state as a whole while spreading the #GirlYes message. She plans to use the platform to advance local businesses and foster hope to disadvantaged communities.”

Furthermore, Chimere enjoys working and nurturing relationships with people from various backgrounds and cultures; this is achieved through her excellent communication skills, establishing a good rapport with them.

Finally, Chimere Nicole Haskins is a leader who is dedicated to the greater good of all. She is always eager to try new things just for the sake of experiencing new highs and lows. Chimere is, without a doubt, an inspiration and source of motivation to lots of people and is very much appreciated both in her local community and amongst all who have encountered her.

Proverbs 31:30

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