How To Get 1000 Subscribers on Youtube Fast

YouTube now has new guidelines for monetizing your new channels. In order for you to generate AdSense income on YouTube, you now have to have 1000 subscribers and over 3000 watch hours on your videos. This may seem daunting when first starting out. However, this is an attainable goal. I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what you should be focusing on to reach your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube fast. 

What Type Content To Create

The key to achieving your first thousand subscribers on YouTube fast will depend on the type of content you create. For instance, if you are a beauty influencer like myself and you specialize in a particular niche it may be easier for you to create content for that subject but harder to stand out. Different categories of content grow at different speeds. No matter what category your content will falls into the number one thing you need to remember is when starting a YouTube channel make sure your content is Evergreen.

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I talked a great deal about Evergreen in my previous post. This is the key to growing your channel fast. Your content must be valuable information and help to solve a problem. This is crucial for growing fast on YouTube.  Content is King on YouTube. It doesn’t matter how pretty you are, it doesn’t matter how large your following is on other social media platforms (there will be exceptions) if your content is not useful to the viewer you will not grow. With anything, there are exceptions to the rule. You will find creators who jump onto the platform and experience great successes right out of the gate however I want you to be realistic in your goals. Do not expect to be an overnight success. 

Niche Down Then Branch Out

  Another great rule of thumb for creating content on YouTube is to be very specific. What I mean by this is to focus on one particular subject and create as much valuable content around that subject. This is another way of saying stick to a particular niche and focus on that. The more valuable content you can give your viewers about a subject matter the faster you will be able to grow an audience and build your brand. I have seen time and time again people who create YouTube videos and they are talking about everything under the sun. This is not necessarily a bad thing however it will be harder for you to gain a solid audience because they don’t know what value you can give them. It will also take you longer to reach that first 1000.

I too in my YouTube career have uploaded videos in many different niches. This was because I wanted to share information that I had learned over the years to help people in different aspects of their lives. If I could do it all over again I would concentrate on building my audience for one subject then branching out. 

Tip: Focus on providing value to your viewer and highlighting your personality.

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Personality Wins

 Over the years I have seen creators come and go. These are people who are very talented but lack personality. When creating video content no matter how helpful your content is if you lack personality the delivery will just come across as stale. No one wants to watch a video where the person is speaking monotone, lacks enthusiasm, and seems bored while making the video. Personality is everything in video content creation.

 This is one of the reasons while vlogging has become so popular. Weekly and daily Vlogs are able to highlight the person’s life, take you behind the scenes, as well as show the creator and their personality. You feel like you are a part of their day-to-day lives and you are able to get to know them on a personal level. These types of channels are also a great way to build your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube fast because you are able to create more content at a faster rate. The videos are also longer than the traditional 10-15 minutes so you can reach the 3000 hours of watch time fast as well. If you are creating vlogs each and every day and the Vlog is over 30 minutes long you will be there in no time.

 Remember you need 3000 hours of watch time on your channel. Vlogs are the best way to create content that gets you to this goal. Getting subscribers is another thing. Personality will make them fall in love with your channel. They will subscribe and want to keep up with you and whatever it is you have going on. 


A word of advice. Do not fall for the trap. You do not need to go out and purchase hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of YouTube equipment that you cannot even use. Let me explain, what is the point in spending money that you have not earned yet with the hopes of you receiving a return on your investment?  To be honest you don’t even know if you like creating content yet.

So it would be in my opinion foolish of you to purchase equipment that you may not utilize properly in the beginning. With any business, you will learn to scale up as your business grows. You read previously about a return on investment. I am not saying that you shouldn’t purchase equipment to create quality content what I am saying is you should do it when you are guaranteed that you will receive a return on the money you have invested.

I do have a list of all of the things I use to film my videos on YouTube. Here is a link to my Amazon Store so you can read up on everything I use and compare prices. Don’t feel obligated to purchase anything until your ready.

Use What You Got To Get What You Want

 A great way to do this is to find ways to utilize the resources you already have at your disposal. These are things like:

  1. Free editing software that comes standard on your computer. 

2. Your are smart phone. 

3. The built-in microphone on your smartphone. 

4. Free editing apps.

 5. Natural sunlight. 

 You have already paid for that smartphone so be smart about using it to its fullest potential. And I forgot to mention you can also edit on your phone as well. There is no excuse. These are all of the things people take for granted because YouTube has become big business.  I tell my story all the time. When I started my YouTube channel I had a handheld camcorder sitting on a box of tissues in my bathroom. Humble beginnings. Once I was able to create revenue from YouTube that’s when I was able to invest in the fancy stuff.

Free Game

Let me give you some free game. I have a no-nonsense type of attitude when it comes to YouTube and creating money on the platform. I do not get involved with you in politics and I don’t try to be anything other than who I am.

 The number one thing I will tell you about YouTube is that you need to be your authentic self. Do not get on YouTube trying to emulate your favorite blogger. Or trying to steal ideas and content from other creators. Not only is this a big No-No but you will not be able to build a solid fan base. The way that you build your first 1000 subscribers fast on YouTube is by being authentic. 

 I have found that my greatest successes on YouTube have come from me being transparent and authentic. People want to feel like they can relate to you. No matter what your Niche is on YouTube, if the viewer can see themselves in you in some shape or fashion they will be drawn to your content. Being YOU, add VALUE, and being CONSISTENT will get you there. 

But also creating the content. Stop writing out an endless list of ideas or overthinking if the idea will work. Turn the camera on and create the magic. Again, my biggest successes on the platform have been videos I did not plan and just pressed record. 

YouTube is not a get-rich-quick scheme it is going to take some work. You are going to have to learn to be a content creating machine to get to that first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. But if your videos are quality and add value trust me it will happen fast. 

Next Up: Evergreen Content


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