How To Make Rice Water

rice water for hair growth

I have plenty of hair growth secrets to share. Rice Water being one of them. You see, rice water is a great way to add strength and shine to the hair without weighting it down. It’s also a wonderful treatment to use before washing the hair. Today I am going to show you how I make my rice water and share a few tips on how I apply it. Be sure to watch my video tutorial in its entirety so you miss any steps.

Rice Water Tips:

  1. I let my rice water sit for 7days before I use it.
  2. I apply citrus to my rice water for smell and to lower the PH of the rice water.
  3. Essential oils are also used for easy application and detangling of the hair.
  4. I leave the rice water on my hair for 20 minutes.
  5. I only use white rice. No not use instant rice as most of the nutrients have already been removed from this type of rice.

Items mentioned/used in video:



Grapefruit or Orange

Mason Jar from Dollar Tree

Growth Oil:


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