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Surprise! Guess who wrote a book? Me, I’m officially an AUTHOR! Girl Yes! The amount of joy in my heart is so over whelming it took me two days to sit down and actually write this post. Honestly, I can’t sit still and per usual my brain in running on jet fuel. I can hardly contain myself. Many of you would be shocked at the fact that writing has never been my strong suit. In fact, in school I was never known as a writer. I focused more on my creative attributes than actual class work. So, to see everything come full circle for me is truly a blessing. I couldn’t have imagined this if you gave me a magical glass ball. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever write a book I promise you I would have laughed. I mean laughed HARD.

One thing I’ve learned since starting my blog all those years ago is that writing is very therapeutic for me. It helps me to process my thoughts and emotions as well as maintain a level head. As I mentioned previously, it’s now a part of my creative process. Thus, me writing this book started out as a way to process my own emotions in a positive way. Recently, I have experienced some of the most heart breaking, life changing, spiritual experiences of my life. There was a point where I honestly felt I couldn’t take anymore more of life’s punches.

Have you ever felt like life just hits you so hard at times and you simply can’t breathe? I was completely breathless. It was if as soon as I took a breath I was punched in the gut again, then again, and again. No end in sight. Writing become my solace.

As a woman of faith, I did they only thing I could do, pray. I didn’t want to talk, I was tired of crying, and I needed to be healed. Prayer and my pen was the answer. In this I found my strength, through this I found my purpose. As I processed in my solitude, God told me to be still and write. Truthfully, I had absolutely nothing to say and I felt so empty.  I was hanging on by a shred, as a matter of fact I was hanging on by a piece of dental floss. How in the world would I be able to give of myself in this condition? Just a hot mess all around and I couldn’t allow my daughters to see me in this state of duress. That alone was enough motivation for me to want to get it together. My ambition kicked in.

I began to map out a game plan for myself. In 2018 I created Girl Yes as a way to give back to my community. By using my skills and resources, I aspire to motivation the next generation of female leaders. The three key attributes of the Girl Yes model are to be Bold, Ambitious, and Beautiful. Now was the time for me to put all these things into play. I had to manifest the life I always dreamed of and map out the frame work the Girl Yes way. That’s exactly what I did. I created a system to put my life back on track and I am here today to share that action plan with you today. I am proof that shifting your mindset can and will change your life.

My Daughters, Ariel & Leah

This is what Girl Yes; the book is about. A 30-day journal style writing that list all the steps to follow to get back on track while awakening the queen within. This is such a labor of love for me because I was forced to dig deep within myself to uncover my own personal truths, while healing from the wounds of my past. It was a painful yet necessary process, and it has changed me for the better. Now I’m sharing it with you all. Mindset matters! If you want a purpose driven life you have to start by changing your outlook on your present situation and adjusting your vision. Focus on the journey, not the side show attractions.

Please allow me to take this time to say thank you for supporting me over the years and in of my endeavors. I can’t do this without your support and love. I am forever grateful. Since Girl Yes is a community-based initiative, ALL proceeds from the sale of this book go to providing free resources used during our Girl Yes conferences. These conferences are hosted throughout the state of New Jersey and other community-based projects. To purchase you can click HERE or visit the shop tab on the top on this page. I will redirect you to the purchase page on my blog. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the support and I will be listing some of the new and exciting FREE resources Girl Yes has available currently below. These are all available to download and print and can be used over and over.

With love, Chimere Nicole.

Girl Yes 30 Day Guide By Chimere Nicole
Only $14.99

Here is a small excerpt from the book, I pray it blesses you the reader as it has blessed me as the writer.

 In knowing that I had access to speak life into the countless number of women I encounter daily. I identified a need and recognized there wasn’t a system in place or phrase synonymous to help in combating the types of negative thoughts infiltrating our thoughts. Allow Girl Yes to be that consent affirmation in your life. It was a simple yes that offered me solace in times of self-doubt, heartbreak, and even fear. Girl Yes is a reminder, as we often forget just how strong and powerful we truly are. You should know, you are capable of achieving great things, but you first have to believe that you can. Start believing it by telling yourself YES

Girl Yes Free Resources

  • Take the Girl Yes Pledge Here
  • Daily Productivity Worksheet Here
  • Productivity Guide Here

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  1. Keira McRae
    June 12, 2020 / 8:18 AM

    Congratulations Chimere! This is awesome I will certainly be purchasing a copy.

    • Chimere Nicole
      June 12, 2020 / 10:39 AM

      Thank you so much, #Blessed

  2. Tiana Adair-Mobley
    June 12, 2020 / 8:44 PM

    Girl Yaaassssss! So proud of you! Making my purchase now

    • Chimere Nicole
      June 13, 2020 / 6:40 PM

      Thank you Tiana

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