How to Use The Pixi Remedy Mask

Hi Queens, if you are new to my blog then let me be the first to tell you I am a Pixi Beauty lover. I have been using their beauty and skincare products for years now and I also love to talk about this brand. The Glow Tonic is a product I use easily 3x’s a week easily and make sure all of my friends try it. It’s a must-have for me. Today I want to talk to you about some new products Pixi Beauty has released. The Pixi Remedy Mask is a gel formulated to tone the skin. 

The line features three formulations, Milk, Rose, and Vitamin-C. Each provides a level of hydration, soothing, and brightening. Let’s go through all the things you need to know if you’re thinking about purchasing these masks for your skincare needs. 


There are three masks in this collection and out of the three my personal favorite is the Vitamin C mask. I am a huge fan of vitamin c and have talked about it in detail multiple times HERE on the blog. Vitamin C has completely changed my skin in a positive way so I highly recommend it. I’m going to tell you this immediately, tight skin is going to be the first thing you notice after using this product. Not in a bad way. It will just feel like your skin isn’t as “loose”. That seems so funny to type but it’s the truth. 

Next, you will see your skin look lighter and more even. I tend to have an oily T-zone and this product evened that out. As you can see from my pictures, my skin looks healthy and hydrated. 

Not Your Average

One thing I want to note is that is not your typical face mask. I was taken aback when I opened up the jars. I was thinking I would get a creamy, thick facial mask like the ones I used to. These masks are gel and very light and cooling on the skin. I let my daughters try them out and that’s the first thing my youngest daughter noted, how cooling the gel was on her skin.

Additionally, they all smell really good. I know how we shop, if the products don’t smell good that’s a wrap. One of the great things about Pixi is that they use quality ingredients that don’t break out my sensitive skin. And as you can see, also great for kids to use as well. 

Great for weekly or even nightly use. They are to be applied to clean skin and left on the skin for ten minutes. I have been using them during my weekly spa night at home and a few times for applying my makeup during the day.  My skin is hydrated and takes my makeup much better. 

Here’s The Tea

As I mentioned I was taken aback at the jelly formulation then I realized. It’s the exact same formula as the sheet mask. You know the mask that comes in the pack and you have to apply it like a sheet all over the face. Yup, same formula. So this got me thinking…

Can I apply this product to my face using another form of hypoallergenic cloth for the same results?

Since then I have been on the hunt for the perfect material I can reuse and wash each week to duplicate an at-home facial sheet mask. 

How I Use Them

Another way I have been using these masks is with my facial steamer. I really can’t go without it and now I have another way to incorporate it into my skincare routine. 

I apply it to the skin and place a sheet of saran wrap on my face. Then I use my facial steamer. I am very careful not to allow my skin to get too warm but I love the way the steamer opens my pores. The saran wrap is to make sure the product doesn’t melt all over the place. 

You can also do this by replacing the steamer with a warm towel. Lightly wet a towel and microwave for a few seconds. Place towel onto the skin and relax. 

If you are on the fence about these masks look at the price and the amount of product you get in a jar. Pixi uses quality ingredients and they are safe for everyday usage. You can’t beat it. Pixi Remedy Masks are available at

Pixi Remedy mask
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