I Am…Class of 2018

It has literally taken me almost 2 full weeks to sit down and write this post. It seems that my life is in a consent state of motion and I’m trying my best to live in the moment. If you have not already heard… I completed my first-degree program at Rowan College. I have my associates degree in Liberal Science. I cannot be any happier at this moment and as I stated previously, I am trying my best to live in the moment. This has been such a long road for me and it was not a simple task. I started this process back in 2012 and since then I have given birth, opened a hair salon, given birth again, and opened up a fashion boutique. To stay I have a lot on my plate would be the understatement of the year. During this time, I have taken extended breaks from my educational journey and it has not been easy picking up where I left off. To be in the mindset of studying and writing papers you must have the frame work mapped out. Typically, my mind is in create mode where I’m thinking of hairstyles and fashion styling.  At times, I can be overly ambitious and this often causes me to burn out. This past semester was a prime example of this. I was ready to say fu*k this… Seriously, I was just exhausted and needed a break. I still need a break but I’m working on the next degree. During this time, I really took a step back and did a lot of praying a soul searching. I am aware that I can often be my worst enemy as I am extremely motivated, thus I want to finish every project, meet every sales goal, and continue to be cute while doing it all. If you guys could have seen me during finals week you would laugh at that last statement, ya girl was looking rough lol. I digress, my goal is and always will be to motivate someone to follow their dream. Not only to follow that dream but also to walk in your destiny.

I am a firm believer that you CAN have it all. I don’t believe you have to settle in life in any capacity and as long as you continue to put in the work IT WILL HAPPEN. Again, I started this journey back in 2012 and I finished now in 2018. Yes, I encountered many obstacles, yes, I wanted to quit, but I didn’t and today I can say I am a college graduate. I’ve shared on my social media pages my biggest inspiration and it has always been my two daughters. I want them and you to know that an ordinary girl who came from nothing and I mean NO THANG did it. No handouts just pure will and hard work. Again, HARD Work, you can’t forget this key concept. You have to put the work in to see the results. Faith without works is…. dead. Today I am a first-generation college student and I proudly wear that badge of honor. As I sit here and write this post the tears are falling because I think back to the times I struggled to get to where I am at this very moment. I’ll save that story for a later date but just know the struggle was real you hear me. God’s grace is a powerful think and I know my life was commissioned to help someone else’s.  I want to leave you with this, it doesn’t matter how long, how hard, or how difficult the task may seem, it CAN be done. If you don’t ever take away anything from me or my blog please take this, you can do it honey please believe me. Only you can stand in your way. Failure is not an option!  XO- Chimere Nicole Class of 2018

P.S. God willing you will see another post just like this in a year…… Road to bachelors


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