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Who loves animal print? I feel like animal print should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and I happen to absolutely love the print. There is something very vivacious about having animal print in your wardrobe and this dress made me feel extremely sexy. I recently picked up a few dresses from BooHoo and this piece happened to be apart of the shopping haul. Not only was it figure-flattering but it was also budget-friendly. I was able to score this dress under $35 and my little sister has already tried to take it from me. The fabric is very breathable but the ruffle detail at the bottom of the dress really gives it a feminine flair. 

On this day I took a stroll near Princeton University. If you have never visited Princeton University’s campus I charge you to take an hour out of your day just to explore. It’s a very beautiful historical campus with lots of architecture and character. I plan on going back to visit as well as take more pictures on the campus. Minus the campus police following me around I will say all in all it was a decent trip. I will list all of the dress details below and I hope that you are able to score some fabulous finds from the website. 

Dress: Here


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