Have You Heard Of Fibroadenoma

Let’s discuss breast health, shall we? This is a topic that is highly marketed yet not thoroughly discussed in my opinion. There are many forms of breast elements that are not highly publicized especially within the African American community. So today I am sharing with you my story of dealing with Fibroadenoma. With the hope that it will motivate you to become proactive with your health, especially your breast health. Today’s post is one I pray you pay close attention too. This journey for me is just the beginning and I’ve decided to share it with you all via my YouTube channel as well. Recently, I’ve been creating video vlogs sharing with you everything from my doctors’ appointments to breast exams. It has not been easy and some days are better than others. But I am prayerful that it will help encourage someone else who may be experiencing the same things.

I have been diagnosed with a large breast Fibroadenoma. What is a Fibroadenoma?  Fibroadenomas are a solid, usually noncancerous breast lumps that occur most often in women between the ages of 15 and 35. Mine happened to accrue at the age of 35. A fibroadenoma might feel firm, smooth, rubbery, or hard and has a well-defined shape. In my case, it was well defined as a smooth round ball shape. When I first discovered the mass, it was like finding a piece of popcorn that sometimes falls down your shirt. You know it’s something there but you keep feeling around until you can find it lol. So, I was shocked, to say the least. It really came out of nowhere. This was early detection at its finest. I usually check my breast and body once a week for changes and marks. I never thought I would find something but I did.

The next morning, I called the doctors and made an appointment. After this, life got real really fast. I went to multiple doctors’ appointments and specialist. Then I had my first mammogram. That in itself was scary. I stood in front of that machine as it massed my breast like a watermelon. It’s amazing what we as women have to endure, but one thing I’ve learned on this journey is that we are built Ford tough. Even while sitting in the waiting room talking to other woman who were facing similar and even more bleak diagnoses, we have the power to encourage one another in times we ourselves feel weak. For this, I will continue to share my story.

After having a mammogram and several ultrasounds I was sent to have a biopsy of the mass. It was determined to be benign of for breast cancer. THANK YOU, JESUS, However, the cells of the mass were deamed abnormal. So, I was told it’s best to monitor the growth rate and size. This leads me to present day. Since my initial test phase at the end of 2019 the mass has more than doubled in size and it quite large. As I mention in my vlogs, for comparison I like to say it went from the size of a skittle to a walnut. All within 9 months. This is an alarming rate and has forced me to have it removed.

How is it treated? Treatment for these types of breast masses include everything from monitoring their growth, biopsy, and or surgical removal. In my case, since the mass has increased in size and shape over the last few months after biopsy it has been recommended I remove it. It has also become quite uncomfortable when I sleep and wear different types of bras. Recently, the mas has stated to protrude through my skin. You will see in my in my vlogs that the doctor was even shocked at how large it has grown since my last ultrasound. I am currently in the process of securing a surgery date.

What’s next?

As of now, I’ve had a bunch of doctor’s appointments to get second and third opinions. It has been the general consensus by all that I not only have the mass removed but also, I will need reconstructive surgery. I share the behind the scenes of a couple of doctor’s appointments where you will hear the medical reasoning behind this decision. To hear that you need 30% your breast tissue will need to be removed is a hard thing. I am confident that this only the beginning of a beautiful new beginning for me. I still have quite a few decisions to make as it relates to the type of reconstruction I would like to receive. This is very detailed and will affect the overall result end result. Over the coming weeks, I will continue to document this process with you all and remain in prayer about this entire ordeal. Below, I have shared with you my recent vlog explaining in more detail what I’m dealing with as I consult my doctors. As always, keep me in your prayers.  


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