The Best Shape Wear For Curvy Girls-Femme Shapewear

Let’s get these waistlines snatched. I’m really not playing, this level up is about to be so official. In today’s video I doing a try-on haul of some waist trainers from Femme Shapewear. Femme Shapewear was nice enough to send me over some of their best selling items and I wanted to try them on and show you in real-time how they work. As you will see in today’s video these shapewear pieces are everything they claim to be.

Items mentioned in this video:

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#1: GRAY Neoprene Waist Trainer with Two Velcro Belts

#2: Red Brace & Support Neoprene Belt

#3: Zip and Clip Strapless Neoprene Waist Trainer

#4: Latex Black Waist Trainer 3 Hooks:

#5: Zip and Clip Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest

I’ve been wearing my Femme shapewear since I received it and it has been amazing. I have seen so many changes in my physique and it also helps with my posture. I often hunch my shoulders and that’s not a good look at all. My clothes look better on and I also use my shapewear in the gym. I noticed that I sweat more in my midsection and it is undetectable underneath my clothing. 

 2021 is the year of the level up. I am making so many changes in my professional and personal life and my health of course takes priority as well. In order to do your best, you must look your best and Femme shapewear is getting me on my way.  Don’t forget to check out my other post where I talked about how I plan on leveling up in 2021.

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