Why Do Women Love Beards

There is such a fascination with women as to why women love beards so much. Every time I and my girlfriends get together the conversation more than likely involves wine and talking about the latest love interest. Then the conversation leads to someone asking the following question “Does he have a beard”? It never fails. Women just can’t get enough of men with beards. 

Women prefer beards because they are genetic proof of masculinity. Beards are associated with power, wisdom, and commitment. These are characteristics women look for in a potential partner and qualities of a protector. 

Why Women Love Beards So Much

The short answer is, they are hot. I mean a man with a beard can be downright sexy. Is it hot in here or is it just me? This is not to say a smooth clean look isn’t appealing. It just so happens that men with full, thick, flourishing beards are just on display everywhere. 

I mean as soon as you log onto my Instagram, the explore page will have at least one bearded gent in some advertising campaign. Even selling fluffy socks, women can’t seem to get enough. It doesn’t help that they always have their shirts off. Instagram definitely has the right idea. They know exactly what women want and will use a sexy bearded man to sell it to us. 

They say sex sells, well so do bearded men. 

why women like beards
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Women love beards because they are a sign of masculinity. It represents strength and power. It’s a dark brooding presence about a bearded that can’t allow you to look away. Have you noticed that men with beard stand taller with their shoulders back? It reminds me of Batman for some strange reason. Beards exude confidence and strength. That is what women are attracted to. Confidence is key here. Growing a beard takes a level of confidence that not all men are willing to embrace. The commitment to upkeep is also very sexy.

Beards require a level of commitment. Commitment to the growing phase and commitment to daily maintenance. This is also very sexy to women. A man who makes time for self-care and the level of commitment it requires to maintain a beard will also draw cool points with the ladies. Women love a man who manscapes. I know I appreciate it.

 Lastly, women love beards because they are correlated to a man who possesses great wisdom. A man who is mature and dignified. Even the pharaohs knew the power of a great beard. I’m a bit of a history buff so bare with me for a bit. In ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs often wore fake beards to portray divine wisdom and kingship. Even in death, the pharaohs made sure to take their beards with them into the afterlife. Talk about commitment. The longer the beard the better. The same applies today. Have you ever seen a man of a mature age stroke his beard while in deep thought? I have and it can be extremely appealing. Now add a little salt and pepper to his beard and I’m calling him Bruce Wayne. A salt and pepper beard is another blog post in itself, whew!

Reasons She My Be Apprehensive

If you don’t have a beard or maybe be on the fence about growing one. Or maybe your significant other is not too keen on the idea, here are a few reasons why beards aren’t for all women. You make think her reasoning is trivial but a beard is an important decision. 

Women don’t like change.

If she met you with little to no facial hair it’s gonna be a hard sell to get her to change her mind. I mean facial hair on a man changes the face completely. You want her to be attracted to the new look. Then you have to take into consideration how this new look will affect those around you. And she may not be too happy about all the newfound attention you’re going to get. From women on the job to the ladies in the local coffee shop. Nothing shakes up a relationship like sudden unwanted changes.

She wants to see your facial features.

One of the many reasons your significant other may be apprehensive about you growing out your facial hair is because it hides your features. If you have a prominent jawline or chin these are features that your loved one fell in love with. Even that mark on your chin from falling in the third grade. These are the things women fall in love with. By growing out your facial hair these features aren’t as prominent and maybe the reason she doesn’t I want you to grow that beard. Women also love the look and feel of smooth skin on a man.  

No excessive hair 

 A lot of women do not like the feel of excessive facial hair. Mustache sure, goatee umm ok. But a full beard maybe not. Especially if she has sensitive skin herself. Facial hair can irritate her skin and cause more problems than they’re worth. While hugging or kissing, the last thing you want is for her to be uncomfortable. Some women just don’t like hairy men so the thought of a hair face is a big turn-off.

She wants to look younger not older

As I mentioned previously facial hair on men shows signs of maturity. With women, we are often trying to slow the signs of aging. Having a partner who looks mature often translates to a woman aging as well. I know this is can be viewed as a really selfish reason but it’s the truth. Additionally, she may not want her spouse to look too mature. There is nothing worse than going out to eat and the waiter thinks you’re with your father. Talk about embarrassing. 

No dessert island beards

 In instances where the beard does not fully grow there will be patches of hair on the face. You will see a lot on social media about what we call “The Struggle” beard. This is when men who are trying to growing a goatee don’t have enough facial hair to properly connect for a full beard. One of my personal pet peeves I might add like many other women. Its like the little engine that could but just couldn’t quite make it lol. We do not like the appearance of a patchy beard. It never appears neat and well-groomed and always looks dry. So a word of advice if you do not believe your beard will grow consistently over the face you, may want to revisit the idea once you have a plan of action in place to grow a healthy beard.  

How to Keep That Beard Healthy

If you decide that growing a beard is for you there are a few steps you should take to ensure you can maintain your beard. These will include the following:

  1. Keep it sanitary and soft. A clean and neat beard is the highest priority.
  2. Steam your face. This helps to open the pores to allow beard products to better penetrate the hair and skin. This also prevents ingrown hairs.
  3. Remove product build-up. Apply a detoxing facial wash to help remove excessive products and promote shine and luster.
  4. Keep it tidy. Biweekly trims and shape-ups help to keep your beard healthy. 
  5. Moisturize. Facial hair tends to be dry due to excessive washing and sun exposure. Daily moisturizing will help keep the hair soft and frizz free. Remember, hair is hair. Whether it’s on the head or on the face. 
  6. Drink your water. You want a healthy beard, drink up.

Beard Products That Actually Work

Finding quality products that work for all skin types may seem challenging. Don’t worry, I’ve given you a head start with these top-selling beard kits. These kits have been tested and are proven to hydrate and moisturize facial hair and skin. Here are my top three beard grooming kits and products. Now that you know why women love beards let’s get you on your way to achieving the look for less. These products are sure to help you grow and maintain the beard you love so much. 

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