The Best Mommy And Me Outfits 

mommy and me outfits with Chimere Nicole

As a mother of two daughters, I fell in love with the fashion trend of mommy and me outfits. It may be corny to some but I love letting them dress up like me and taking pictures. Not only for the style but for the memories as well. 

I mean, I need something to embarrass them on their wedding days lol

Here are some of my favorite websites for mommy and me fashion attire. I also included links to the outfit shown here in this post. 

Where To Shop Mommy And Me Outfits?

One of my most recent favorites has been a website called Shein. I usually shop on this site for ready to wear and trendy pieces for each season. So when I came across the mom and daughter section I was hooked. The styles are all up to date and age appropriate for kids and they also have a nice selection for boys as well. 

Here is a list of my top online stores and websites I use to purchase mommy and me clothing items. 

Are Mommy And Me Matching Outfits Still In Style?

Some can say it’s corny while others like myself find it to be absolutely adorable. I mean how can you go wrong with dressing your child in a cute outfit and you both match? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

 Now with all things, there is a time and a place however this is one of the many bonding moments you can share with your child and for that alone it’s totally worth it. 

Personally, I believe if your child is of age, start to allow them to develop their own sense of style. I do this by allowing my daughter to pick out what dresses they like. I then match their selections. 


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