How To Make Money On YouTube Using TubeBuddy

I’m going to show you why Tubebuddy is the best tool to get more views, increase watch time, gain subscribers, and make you money FAST on YouTube! I know that growing on YouTube is important, and I want to show you how you can use TubeBuddy for FREE to get more views on YouTube and make that money honey! Remember, in order to make money on Youtube you have to have to be monetized. This requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time hours. In order to reach these requirements fast, I also have some other articles to help you. View them HERE and HERE. Today we are going to discuss this software and how it helped me make thousands on YouTube.

Can TubeBuddy help you earn income? Yes, it can, and I’m going to tell you exactly the features that you need to start focusing on when it comes to using TubeBuddy. Specifically to help you grow your YouTube channel.

KeyWord Planner

The very first one is the TubeBuddy keyword planner.

If you’re trying to rank videos, it helps to know where you can compete. Let me explain, let’s say that you’re trying to get your video inside of YouTube search.

So if somebody is looking for a specific thing, you want your videos are gonna pop up.

The keyword planner is going to give you insight into what your chances are for ranking for a specific term. This is based on the competition, based on what’s happening on your channel, and so on.

how to use tubebuddy to search keywords and make money

If I use the Keyword Explorer for the keyword Tubebuddy,

  1. It’s gonna show me my chances of ranking for that search term. 
  1. It’s also gonna show me the overall search volume, and how strong my competition for that term is.
  1.  It’s gonna show me how optimized the results are for that term.

The keyword planner also shows you web searches and other video topics related to this phrase. So you can keep exploring ideas and you can take a peek at the current search results, see historical interests and so on.

So, this one helps you grow by making sure that you’re going for the right words or the right phrases that you have a better chance of ranking for. You can then make better decisions when you’re titling, writing the descriptions, writing your tags, or doing overall optimization for your video.

tubebuddy keyword explorer

Get CLICKS On Your Videos

Next, is the AB testing feature for the thumbnails. This was the first thing I used and also why I upgraded my free trial. 

tubebuddy price list 2021

This one is amazing because it lets you compare two thumbnails against each other to see which one gets the best results. THIS has helped me make money using Tubebuddy.


 Thumbnails and titles are the first thing that people see, it’s their first point of contact with that new piece of content.

Doesn’t matter if they’re a new viewer or if they’re a returning viewer, that thumbnail and the title, is the very first thing they see.

So, thumbnails are extremely important in helping you grow your channel.

For example, they’ll show you where people click the most.

So, if you’re targeting YouTube’s recommendation features and more people are clicking those, then you may wanna go whichever wins with that. But, if you’re targeting search, then go for the one that wins in search.

Or, you can just let TubeBuddy tell you which one has the best performance overall and go with that one.

In short, this one’s gonna help you grow because if people are not clicking on your thumbnails

  • Then your view counts are gonna be lower. 
  • If your view counts are lower, then your channel growth is gonna be slow. 

Thus it’s gonna take you a lot longer to get to where it is that you’re trying to go.

But, if they are clicking on your thumbnails like crazy because you’ve figured out which thumbnails they click on the most, then you’re gonna get more views.

When you get more views, then that’s gonna give you more chances to get more watch time, which is gonna help you grow authority on your channel.

It’s gonna help you get more subscribers because you’re getting more views and so on. So, if you haven’t picked up what I’m trying to say here, making sure that your thumbnails are effective is extremely important.

Add Those Tags

Another one is their suggested tag feature. Now, with their suggested tag feature, when you are uploading your videos into YouTube, and you are optimizing that video for search, basically what I mean by that is,

  • You’re writing your titles.
  • Creating writing your descriptions.
  • Putting your tags together.
  • Getting all the stuff together to make sure that you are giving YouTube the best idea of what your video is about.

With the suggested tags, what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna say, okay, 

  • this is the title that they’re using,
  • this is the description that they’re using.

So, it will determine that these are the tags that they should be using in their videos. Or these are the options of tags that they should be using in their videos so that

they can also be connected to additional search terms. 

It allows you the chance of ranking for those terms or being suggested next to other content that is also using those tags.

make money using tubebuddy

What’s really dope about it is, it will show you suggestions and you’ll see some of those suggestions and you’re like, why didn’t I think of that? I like to also use the suggested tags for more video ideas related to my niche. Another way to make money using TubeBuddy!

Now, real quick, I wanna put a disclaimer here,YouTube has stated that they don’t rely solely on the proper tags used to suggest your videos to its platform. I find that tags help Youtube categorize your content. Also, as mentioned above it helps me understand what people on YouTube are searching for. 

Even if you have the perfect title,a good description, and all of your tags, if people are not watching your video for an extended period of time, YouTube is going to demote that video.

So, if they’re not watching it or if people are not engaging in your content, then that can hurt your rankings.

So, it’s really important to make sure that even if you’re optimizing your video properly, that you’re not solely relying on just making good titles, and just optimizing your tags, just optimizing your descriptions. You wanna make sure that you’re doing all of the things, so to speak, to make sure that once you get in those search positions, that you can own those search positions, or that you can stay there for a long time and use those as a long-term source of traffic to your channel.

And the same exact thing applies to the suggested videos. If you are getting connected to another video and you’re getting a lot of traffic from that video because people are clicking on your thumbs and things like that, initially, but you’re not keeping people watching your content, then what’s gonna happen is the people that are making videos where when people watch their content, they’re watching it for an extended period of time, those videos will end up beating out your videos. So, it’s really important to make sure that you’re doing all of the things, and not just saying oh, well I have good tags. Because it’s a lot more than that but TubeBuddy is gonna help you do that as well as a bunch of other stuff.

So, make sure that you go ahead and get it.

I really recommend that you go ahead and install the FREE version of TubeBuddy through the link HERE. It’s the number one tool for YouTubers for a reason.

Because it’s works.


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